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Engineered and built to perform best under cold weather below 7 degree Celsius, winter tyres, provide improved grip on snow-covered or icy roads in European winters. Snow car tyres contain small grooves called sipes throughout the tread and are developed with unique rubber components that don’t stiffen up under freezing conditions.

At, Midlands Performance Tyres, we stock a delectable variety of winter tyres in Shirley. You can take your pick from the reputable brands. Our in-house experts have hand-picked the best of the lot for you –

A. Eagle Ultra Grip GW-3

Goodyear's Eagle Ultra Grip GW-03 is designed to take on every harsh element of winter and offer enhanced control and handling. Even in the most unpredictable weather, you can rely on it to provide you with excellent driving performance.

Among all winter car tyres, Eagle Ultra Grip GW-03 is the only one to sport multi-radius treads which helps to maintain its shape. Developed with silica infused rubber compound, the tyre remains flexible even under sub-zero temperatures.

B. Winter Maxx WM02

We keep only the best snow car tyres to deliver unmatched performance. Using Dunlop’s innovative short-braking blocks, the Winter Maxx WM02 sports asymmetrical tread blocks to enhance the road contact even under sharp braking, allowing you to pause confidently on snow-covered road conditions.

Furthermore, the aerodynamic design of Winter Maxx WM02 minimises rolling resistance, thereby increasing your daily savings on fuel. This makes this one of the highest selling snow car tyres in Solihull.

C. Winter Sottozero Serie II

This Pirelli tyre offers maximum control and grip under extreme winter. With its asymmetrical tread design, aquaplaning is out of the question. Built with dual-silica compound, it provides excellent performance on icy roads. The silica prevents the soft rubber from hardening up under extremely low temperatures.

We at Midlands Performance Tyres recommend this tyre for all-around performance in European winters.

Why buy from us?

We at Midlands Performance Tyres, sell only 100% genuine winter tyres in Shirley from reputed brands like Dunlop, Pirelli and Goodyear among many others at affordable prices. We also sell tyres online for your convenience.