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winter check

Roads can be hazardous during winters due to low visibility. Your vehicle can also face safety and reliability issues. To keep you clear of such disappointments, Midlands Performance Tyres brings winter check in Shirley for your car.

You may think that your car doesn’t need any checks as it is running fine. Remember though; it’s always good to get your vehicle checked before the chilling winter arrives as the season proves a little harsher than usual on your car.

Midlands Performance Tyres thus brings winter checks in Shirley to sort any problem areas with your vehicle you may be unaware of.

What does winter check include?

It is an overall check of cars to ensure its compatibility for winter driving.

Inspection of tyres

Your car tyres must be prepared to sustain the terrain changes during winter. To ensure this, we carry on checks like tyre pressure and tread depth. As it is essential to ride on winter tyres in the UK, Midlands Performance Tyres also bring several winter tyres to choose from.

Battery inspection

Make sure your car battery is charged, protected and secured during winter with battery inspection so that you don’t get stuck midway.

A check for the windscreen wiper

A well-functioning windscreen wiper is a must to keep visibility at its best during winter. At our garage, an inspection of windscreen wipers will be carried out during winter checks in Shirley to ensure they can clear the screen properly. Also, we will fill up the wiper fluid if needed.

Replenishment of oil level

Inadequate oil level in the vehicle can lead to issues with the engine. It thus becomes essential that you get it checked before winter and replenish to avoid any breakdowns. We also advise you whether your car’s oil is adequately thin for the winter or not.

Inspection of car lights

During winter check in Shirley, we also make sure that your car has all of its lights working correctly to avoid any danger of low visibility. You must not also drive with broken lights during winter due to legal issues.

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Make sure your car is ready for driving in winters with this winter check. Our expertise ensures your vehicle is capable of surviving the coldest of temperatures in the UK. Book us today for a winter check.