Wheel Balancing

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Wheel Balance

Imbalanced wheels can be detrimental to the tyres, suspension components and the overall driving comfort. Understanding the necessity of rectifying it, Midlands Performance Tyres brings wheel balancing in Shirley as a specialised service.

Drive your car to our service station and get its wheel balancing checked with immediate fixing. Our team of professionals ensures you get the best wheel balancing services. With advanced technology and world-class expertise, we make sure you go back satisfied and content.

Know more about our wheel balancing service

We offer routine wheel balancing service that ensures your vehicle runs smoothly and tyre spinning is evened out to the best extent possible.

As a routine, you should take your car for wheel balancing check after every 3,000 to 6,000 miles of the run or after every 1 to 2 years, whichever is earlier. Wheel balancing also gains crucial importance when you come for tyre fitting.

Therefore, to make sure your car tyres remain balanced at all times, we also perform wheel balancing after mounting the tyres.

Apart from these, your car also needs wheel balancing after –

  • Tyre rotation
  • Tyre repair
  • Your vehicle hitting a pothole

To remedy these, we provide two types of wheel balancing services in Shirley.

a) Static balancing

We perform static balancing for your vehicle wheels when there is a slight imbalance. It is done by checking the concerned axle to find the imbalance and fixing it by adding relevant weight.

b) Dynamic balancing

Dynamic balance is performed for a more severe form of wheel imbalance. At Midlands Performance Tyres, we do it through a more advanced technique and reinstate the balance with high precision and accuracy.

Bring your car to us if you see wheel imbalance signs in your vehicle.

Signs of wheel imbalance

Wheel imbalance can surface due to sudden jerks to the vehicle or over time. Often, it happens due to driving on poor road conditions or harsh braking.

Look out for these signs -

  • Significant vibrations when driving at high speed
  • The uneven or feathered tread wear pattern
  • A sudden increase in fuel consumption
  • If issues are surfacing with the suspension system.

Once you observe one or more of these signs, drive your car to Midlands Performance Tyres for wheel balancing in Shirley. Call or mail us for any queries.