Wheel Alignment

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Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is often an ignored aspect of car maintenance. If you have never aligned your car’s wheels, it may be high time for you to do so. Misaligned wheels will result in long-term damage to other parts of your car.

Well, we, at Midlands Performance Tyres, are here to tell you that your assumption is incorrect.

Here is a look at some valid reasons to align your wheels.

1. Makes your car more fuel efficient

Most people do not know this, but wheel alignment can substantially increase gas mileage of your vehicle. An improper wheel alignment will cause your car’s engine to exert greater force to move the tyres. Fuel consumption increases during this process. After a wheel alignment in Shirley, your car will work and move in tandem.

2. Smoother handling and drive

When your wheels have bad alignment, your car will drift to the sides when you drive. Always steering your wheels back to your path is an added hassle no driver wishes to endure. Apart from the sideward movement, improper alignment of wheels can lead to bumpy rides as well.

3. Adverse effect on other parts of the car

If you drive for prolonged periods with improperly aligned wheels, other parts of the car will start to become affected. For instance, when you hit a pothole with such wheels, your suspension and steering systems take the full hit from the bump in the road. Over time, these parts lose their efficiency.

Rather than an inexpensive wheel alignment in Shirley, you may end up with hundreds of pounds worth of car repairs.

4. Increases the life span of tyres

Tyres are expensive and essential parts of a vehicle. When wheels are not aligned properly, the tyres cannot function properly. Damage to the tyres occur much faster and will even cause tyre failure if the alignment is not rectified on time.

Save yourself all the extra expense and check your car’s wheel alignments today at Midlands Performance Tyres! Visit us for wheel alignment in Shirley. You will receive additional support for your wheels as well. We provide other essential services in Shirley, such as changing tyres and more.