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Tyre Manufacturers - Dunlop Tyres

One of the first tyre manufacturers in the world, Dunlop is a name synonymous with quality tyres at great prices. At Midlands Performance Tyres, we stock an exclusive selection of Dunlop tyres in Shirley for the convenience of our customers.

Dunlop has a proven track record of delivering excellent products throughout its history. They are currently one of the five largest tyre manufacturers in the world with operations spread in over 150 countries.

All this is to say that you cannot go wrong with a set of Dunlop car tyres in Shirley. Drop by our workshop on any working day, and get a hands-on feel of these tyres.

Tyres to choose from

The right set of tyres for any car depends on several factors- type of car, weather and road conditions, driving style, to name a few. Nonetheless, there are some broad categories from which you can choose a set of tyres for your car.

Summer: Ideal for in summers when the temperature remains consistently above 7°C.

  • SP Sport 600
  • Direzza ZIII
  • SP Sport 2050

Winter: These tyres are your best bet when it’s frigid outside. They deliver superior traction and handling on snowy road surfaces.

  • Winter Maxx WM01
  • SP Winter Sport 3D
  • SP Winter Sport 4D DSST RunOnFlat

All-season: A blend of summer and winter variants, all-season tyres deliver acceptable levels of performance throughout the year.

  • Signature HP
  • SP Sport 7000 A/S
  • Signature II

4x4: Meant for SUVs, 4x4 tyres are robust and can tackle off-roading with relative ease.

  • Grandtrek PT20
  • SP LT 60
  • Winter Maxx SJ8

You can buy these Dunlop tyres in Shirley along with numerous others at Midlands Performance Tyres. Come along on any working day and talk to our in-house experts. We will assist you in choosing the right set of tyres for your car.

Buy Dunlop tyres now

Visit our workshop to get your hands on the most extensive collection of Dunlop car tyres. Be assured of the high quality of all tyres at your disposal. We’d settle for nothing less.