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A tyre’s sidewall embossed with a set of letters and numbers may seem nothing more than random figures and symbols to someone with an untrained eye. These are but the specified tyre size that suits your vehicle’s needs.

Size of your car tyres in Shirley comes with essential and un-ignorable, useful information related to the tyre’s construct and build. Understanding this requirement for different vehicles, at Midlands Performance Tyres, we come stocked with a wide range of tyre sizes.

So, whether a Sedan or an SUV, you can get the right set of tyres in Shirley at our garage. Just drive it to us, and we will get you the right tyre size. Do you worry about brands? Don’t, because at Midlands Performance Tyres we have the best collection.

Decoding the tyre-size code

Your car tyre’s size is represented in an alpha-numeric code which depicts their technical suitability with your car and capability to perform. Every number or letter signifies a specific aspect of its dimension.

Here’s a depiction of tyre size decoded for you. The standard code followed takes up a form like 195/55 R16 Y. The aspects that each number or letter depicts are –

  1. 195 (First three digits) – They stand for the tyre’s width. The measurement is in millimetres from the tyre’s inner to outer sidewall.
  2. 55 (Following two digits) – They are a representation of the tyre’s aspect ratio. It stands as a depiction of the tyre’s height against its width and is expressed in percentage.
  3. R (The next letter) – It depicts the tyre’s construction type. In this case, R stands for radial.
  4. 16 (Following two numbers) – It is the rim diameter in inches.
  5. Y (The last letter) – It represents the tyre’s speed index, meaning the maximum speed limit it can safely operate in.

Get tyres of appropriate size

It is crucial to stick to the tyre size specifications when buying one. Reach out to our experts to know the right construct for your tyres if in doubt.

Choose from a wide range of tyre brands for the given size with our comprehensive range of sizes for car tyres in Shirley. At Midlands Performance Tyres, we have it all for you.