Tyre Pressure Checks

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Tyre pressure check becomes an essential part of tyre care and maintenance. Besides, an inaccurate inflation level of tyres affects the vehicle’s handling, fuel efficiency, braking, turning and more. To prevent the degradation of your car’s performance due to improper inflation, Midlands Performance Tyres brings tyre pressure check in Shirley.

With a dedicated team of technicians, we make sure your car tyres are properly inflated at all times. With improved and advanced technology like Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), maintaining the inflation level of your car tyres has become more precise. Add to it our professional efficiency, and you get the best tyre pressure monitoring solutions.

We are also specialists at fitting and maintaining the most advanced TPMS. If your car model carts the latest technology for the same, drive straight to our garage Midlands Performance Tyres for a check.

Why is regular tyre pressure check essential?

Even in ideal conditions, tyres lose up to 1 psi of air pressure every month. Further, a rise in temperature increases this loss. So, it becomes essential to take up tyre pressure check in Shirley at least once every month.

If you are unsure about the correct inflation level of your car tyres, check it out with expert professionals at our garage. They will not only give the solution but also elucidate if your tyres are losing out their life due to inappropriate inflation level.

What are the effects of incorrect tyre pressure?

Both under inflation and over inflation are detrimental for your car tyres, the vehicle and its driving quality.

Effects of over inflation:

If you drive on overinflated tyres, it leads to –

  • Reduced driving comfort
  • Directional instability
  • Irregular wear of the tyre treads
  • Reduced efficiency in vehicle handling, mostly when you are cornering in speed

Effects of under inflation:

Driving your vehicle on underinflated tyres leads to the following impacts –

  • Reduced steering response
  • Negative impact on directional safety and stability
  • Increase in fuel consumption and reduced mileage
  • Reduced tyre durability

Besides, under inflation also causes damage to the inner sides of your car tyres. Thus, it becomes essential to keep your car tyres properly inflated at all times.

Make sure you do not miss out on tyre pressure check in Shirley for your vehicle. Bring your car to Midlands Performance Tyres, and we will ensure the pressure level of your car tyres remains maintained.