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At Midlands Performance Tyres, we specialise in the retail sale of summer tyres in Shirley. With years of offering a collection of summer tyres to our customers, we excel at bringing the best brands at your disposal.

While high heat and harsh driving conditions are detrimental to tyre rubber, summer tyres are much more durable and safe to drive on in such circumstances.

Why go for summer tyres?

Driving for long on heated tarmac can become risky. Traffic jams and heavy loads can further take a toll on regular tyres. With summer tyres engineered to sustain these hardships, they bring the economy of use and sustainability.

Our garage Midlands Performance Tyres brings the best brands of summer tyres in Solihull that you can purchase from.

There’re more than one compelling reasons why you must go for summer tyres –

a) Unlike an all-season or winter tyre, they provide optimal performance during summers

b) They improve the vehicle’s responsiveness by offering accuracy and speed in steering, more so during sharp turns.

c) You get an improved handling experience as summer tyres come with a softer rubber compound. It offers flexibility for tackling turns, twists and obstacles.

Plus, we know how essential it becomes for a driver to handle tricky driving conditions while struggling to maintain performance. To make sure you get the best driving experience irrespective of the road condition, we bring advanced technology of summer tyres in Shirley from various best-selling brands.

Our range of summer tyre technologies

Improve performance and driving experience with the best summer tyre technology with us like –

  • Active Braking Technology – Enhance braking effect when driving on a wet or dry surface.
  • Motorsport/Racing Derived Construction – Improve handling and steering precision.
  • Dry Zones – Get confident handling on a dry surface with large tread blocks towards the tyre’s outer edge.
  • Tread Compound of Ultra-High Performance – Get excellent dry traction when driving on an extremely dry surface.

Add to it our outstanding collection of summer tyres from different brands and you get an all-in-one solution for driving during summer.

Summer tyre brands

Get the best of tyre brands at Midlands Performance Tyres

  • Goodyear
  • Continental
  • Dunlop
  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • Falken

What’s more, we come with the expertise of tyre mounting and repairing. So, look no further when we are just a drive away for all your tyre-related solutions.