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Summer Check

Summers are the ideal time for you to set out on a road trip with friends and/or family. If you want your car to serve you well during such a trip, it is essential to conduct a summer check of your car. Midlands Performance Tyres conducts these summer checks in Shirley.

What are summer checks?

Summer checks refer to an overall inspection of your vehicle to ensure that it is suitable to operate on the roads during the summer time. Summer checks generally look into four aspects of a car, namely, the tyres, the engine, the lights, and the wipers.

1. Tyre checks

Tyre checks are visual checks of the sidewalls of your car’s tyres for any abnormalities. Additionally, this check looks for any structural disintegration in tyres to prevent punctures while driving. While checking the tyres, you should also check for nails and pieces of glass on the surface of the tyre.

2. Screenwash and wipers

Any road trips require clean windshields and working wipers. Wipers and screenwash are essential aspects of the car to keep your windshields clean from bird droppings, rain and other dirt. It may not sound important, but you should avail these checks nonetheless.

3. Light test

A problem with lights of your car will stall you on the road during summer trips. Often your car’s lights are in working condition but may start to dim with age. You should replace any lights such as this to ensure a hassle-free summer drive. Summer checks in Shirley generally include a mandatory test of all the lights in your vehicle.

4. Check under the hood

Apart from the engine, the hood houses several essential parts for your car. A problem in any of these locations can prevent your vehicle from operating on the roads. While most garages ignore a thorough check of parts under its hood, it is a crucial part of summer checks in Shirley at the Midlands Performance Tyres.

If you love your car and want to ensure its long life, make sure you take the vehicle for summer checks every year. This will ensure you detect any problems and rectify it with time to spare.