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For many people, a car is more than just a mode of transportation. People, who value their car and its performance, believe every aspect of the vehicle matters. The transmission, speed, pickup and handling of a car determine its performance. If handling is your primary concern, performance tyres can enhance your overall driving experience.

We, at Midlands Performance Tyres, are just as enthusiastic about car tyres as you are. Here are some things you should know about performance tyres in Shirley.

  • Everything depends on the tyres

Regardless of your car’s horsepower and torque specs, if the tyres are not good enough, no amount of HP will improve your car’s performance. With specialized performance tyres, your vehicle will be able to take advantage of all its other features.

  • Performances tyres regulate heat

Standard tyres overheat if you drive too fast or for too long. This causes wear, which in turn results in tyre failures. However, performance tyres maintain the temperature of your tyres, even when you are driving at excessive speeds. The rubber integrity of these tyres remains intact for a much longer period compared to ordinary tyres.

  • Effective traction

No matter how fast or powerful your car is, the performance of your vehicle depends on the contact patch of tyres fitted on your vehicle. The friction that tyre treads can create with the road determines whether you will have sufficient control over the vehicle. The added resistance provided by performance tyres in Shirley is crucial, as it helps generate friction on wet roads.

However, performance tyres are not suitable for every car or driver. If you can compromise on gas mileage, comfort and certain other factors of your car to improve the handling, performance tyres are ideal for you. Additionally, if you are addicted to high speeds, performance tyres will allow you to make sharp turns while driving at exceptionally high speeds.

At Midlands Performance Tyres, we perform a range of tests and checks, which ensures that every performance tyres in Solihull improve your car’s handling significantly. If you want to turn your car into a beast, visit us at Shirley today!