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The EU tyre label carries essential information related to each tyre’s safety and environmental impact. Back in 2012, it was mandated that every tyre sold in Europe display the EU tyre label. In strict adherence to this mandate, Midlands Performance Tyres brings you tyres in Shirley with an appropriate marking for every tyre on the shelves.

With these labels, it will be convenient for you to make a comparison among different tyres while making a purchase.

Being authorised dealers of various reputed tyre brands, we make sure each tyre bears its marking. With most tyres labelled above average, our customers can get the best tyres in Shirley for their vehicles from Midlands Performance Tyres.

Understanding EU tyre label

The label depicts three parameters graded as per a tyre’s efficiency. They are –

  • Fuel efficiency

Tyres with high fuel efficiency consume less energy, while the vehicle runs, thus consuming less fuel. The fuel efficiency rating for tyres is done on an alphabetical scale of A to G. A represents the most while G represents the least fuel-efficient tyres. Grade D tyres are not for passenger cars.

Tyres are responsible for up to 20% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption. Replace the existing tyres with more fuel-efficient tyres for your car and get more miles of the run from one fuel refill. Choose from our collection of A-labelled tyres.

  • Wet grip

A high rating for wet grip means tyres stop quickly on applying brakes. For this label also, the highest marking is at A and the lowest at G. However, grades D and G are not considered for passenger cars, so the last is F.

You can reduce the braking distance by up to 27% by choosing A-graded tyres for your vehicle.

  • Noise level

Noise level is graded on a scale of one to three black waves with the first being the quietest and the last, the loudest. These ratings also come with accurate decibels of noise produced.

We bring a variety of car tyres in Shirley that come with the best label in all three parameters. You may also consult our experts at Midlands Performance Tyres to get the best. Are you still waiting?

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