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wheel refurbishment

Welcome to Midlands Performance Tyres, your one-stop service centre for all vehicle-related issues. We also offer services pertaining to wheel refurbishment in Shirley, for both alloy and steel wheels at an affordable price.

Our wheel refurbishment service is one of the most cost-effective and quick methods to overhaul damaged wheels. We work with units that have received accidental damage, normal wear, and such issues and repair them into roadworthy components. Being one of the largest car service garages in the Shirley, we offer the highest quality functional and cosmetic refurbishment to any type of automobile our customers brings to us.

What Do We Have to Offer?

At Midlands Performance Tyres you will find a wide range of wheel refurbishment packages tailor-made to cater to the unique requirement of different types of customers. Let’s take a look at what we have to offer.

  1. Regular – Under the ‘Regular’ package, we will repair any damage inflicted on the rim and bring it to its factory finish. We will receive the wheel (without the tyre) from you and carry on with the refurbishment process.
  2. Premium – A ‘Premium’ wheel refurbishment in Shirley includes a complete factor finish along with several other additional services like valve replacement, wheel balancing, and tyre installation.
  3. Supreme – ‘Supreme’ is the best wheel refurbishment service that we, Midlands Performance Tyres, have to offer. It includes all the steps required to refurbish and ready the wheels for your use. From a complete factory refurbishment to valve swap, overhaul, balancing, repaint, tyre fitting, and filling the units with the appropriate air pressure. We will ship the units in a ‘ready to install’ condition so that you can fit it in your car and be on your way.

Other than that, our wheel refurbishment in Shirley also offers a suite of paint schemes. You can choose from a set of pre-determined colours, or, can opt to create a preferred colour scheme for the rims. All our paint schemes are completed in best in class matte-powder coating and come with a 12-month warranty.

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Bring your vehicle to Midlands Performance Tyres today and refurbish your car’s rims to their factory condition. All our technicians are well trained to handle the complicated process of repairing car wheels, and we offer the highest quality service in the neighbourhood at a pocket-friendly price.