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Combining the benefits of winter and summer tyres, all-season tyres provide the best of both worlds. If changing winter tyres to summer ones with each passing season seems like a hassle – then all-weather tyres are the answer for you.

These car tyres are built from an intermediate rubber compound that makes them an impressive all-rounder under all-weather conditions – be it wet, dry, and icy or light snowy road surfaces. Although not matching the level of performance of specialist winter and summer tyres – all-season tyres offer an impressive mix of durability and performance under mild temperatures.

At Midlands Performance Tyres, we stock a delectable line-up of all season tyres in Shirley with a wide range of sizes and specifications. Here’s the best that we offer –

  • P ZERO All-season Plus

With superb wet grip performance, drive safely on P ZERO All-season Plus. Attaining the highest rating under EU regulations, this all-weather tyre from Pirelli offers improved grip on slippery road conditions and deliver short-braking distances.

Engineered with industry-leading wear-control technology, P ZERO All-season Plus ensures optimum stability, and strike a balance between wet grip and low-rolling resistance – making it the most popular among all Pirelli all season tyres in Solihull.

Furthermore, this tyre is engineered with fuel-saving technology by minimising rolling resistance up to 19%. Thus, you’d also benefit from increased fuel efficiency and therefore, low operating costs.

  • Extreme Contact DWS

Voted among the top all-season tyres in 2019, we at Midlands Performance Tyres, recommend you to go for Extreme Contact DWS. Using Continental’s weather-reactive technology, Extreme Contact DWS can adapt to all harsh weather conditions.

Our garage's in-house technicians recommend this tyre for its unique abilities like – specialised tread grooves and high-density 3D sipes that offer excellent traction in freezing weather.

With its silica-infused rubber compound and contoured design, Extreme Contact DWS is the best of all-weather car tyres in Shirley.

Why us?

At Midlands Performance Tyres in Shirley, you would get 100% genuine, high-quality all-weather tyres from all leading brands. We also sell tyres online for making your purchase easier.