About Us

We are Midlands Performance Tyres. Here, we give our best to provide our customers with high-quality tyre services in all of Solihull, Shirley. Our experts are committing to helping each customer in every possible way. We will be with you until your issue or problem is not solved. As part of our customer services policy, we practice serving our customers until they are not completely satisfied.

Another important thing is that we know how hard-earned your money is. That is why we try our best to offer excellent value-for-money services. Whether you book your tyres online, or you come to us, to selecting them directly at our stores, our customer care executives will always be there for you, helping you in every step of your buying journey.

We offer:

Brand new tyres: We have an extensive range of high-performance tyres that will suit your vehicle in the best way possible. At, Midland Performance Tyres, we stock tyres from the industry giants in the tyre manufacturing industries, namely: Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear, and Bridgestone, etc. We have faith in these brands and their quality as we put our trust in our skilled technicians for their fittings.

Tyre fittings: We take great pride in the skills and knowledge of our technicians for providing the best tyre fitting services. They know how important it is to fit your tyres correctly to avoid any malfunction in the middle of the road. Therefore, we provide swift and efficient tyre fittings in Solihull.

Tyre repairs: There are so many incidents when the auto garages recommend you to buy new tyres in order to increase their profits when the issues can simply be fixed with little repairs here and there. Our experts have gathered extensive knowledge and experience over the years in the tyre repair services, and hence, will provide you with the most genuine advice, when you come to us.

Additionally, we also offer wheel alignment services and much more, that is necessary for your vehicle.

In the briefest of the briefs, you don't have to worry about the tiniest bit of thing when you drive your car to us, here at Midlands Performance Tyres. If you need any tyre related service here in Solihull, now you know just the right place to bring your car to!