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4X4 tyres are specifically for SUVs and MUVs to be used for off-terrain exclusively. In the UK alone, the SUVs ownership has multiplied over the years leading to the growing popularity of purchasing SUV car tyres and elsewhere.

We stock a wide range of off-road and 4X4 tyres to suit almost all SUV and MUVs’ models. Take your time to shop from us as you'll be accustomed to reputed tyre brands such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental and many more. At, Midlands Performance Tyres, we offer nothing but the best of 4X4 tyres in Shirley.

Which one should you go for?

If you demand tyres which will provide you with an excellent grip, superb traction and performance on extreme terrains – these 4X4 car tyres should be your top pick.

a. Bridgestone

You can pick from:

  • Duravis M700 HD
  • Duravis M77311
  • Dueler Revo 3 RH-S
  • Alenza 001 RFT

You can buy these 4X4 tyres in Solihull from our garage at prices that are hard to beat.

b. Michelin

Here’s the best of the lot:

  • LTX T2
  • XPS Traction
  • Agilis 51
  • 4X4 Diamaris

You can purchase these cheap off-terrain tyres from Midlands Performance Tyres that provide supreme performance on the toughest of roads.

c. Continental

We’ve handpicked these tyres for you:

  • Terrain Contact A/T
  • HDR
  • Hybrid HD3
  • 4X4 Contact
  • 4X4 Contact SSR
  • Hybrid HS3

These SUV car tyres offer excellent off-road handling capability and excellent traction under muddy and slippery roads.

Why buy from us?

Apart from selling off-terrain tyres from repeatable brands at our garage, we also sell these tyres online as it’s convenient and you'd be offered massive discounts if you buy in bulk.

At, Midlands Performance Tyres in Shirley, we not only sell tyres but also provide professional tyre fitting services, all under one roof. If you buy tyres from us, you’re guaranteed 100% genuine products at lucrative prices.